Toowoomba Weekend Away

Toowoomba Weekend with Ben & Hayley

We had a fabulous weekend away in Toowoomba.  Huge thanks to Ben and Hayley for organising it all.  Ben met us at Haigsley and led the way up the new bypass.  Sadly there are far too many speed cameras amid the limits of 80 km/h which meant a very tame Corvette Convoy!  Ben had organised special parking in the Mall, so it was off to the shops before lunch followed by a fascinating, educational afternoon at the Metiisto Chocolate factory.  None of us will ever look at Cadburys or Lindt the same way again!! 

The highlight of Saturday was the BBQ dinner – Ben and Hayley rolled out the VIP treatment and we were treated to a fabulous evening.  No one wanted to go home.

On Sunday, after a delicious breakfast at the Golf Club, we headed off to the Pioneer Village for a walk down memory lane.  Ben had organised the Fire Brigade display to be opened for us and it was well worth the visit.  

Garth and I made the most of the trip home through the back roads and we especially enjoyed travelling Gregors Creek Road – not a single vehicle going in our direction the entire length and we made the most of the drive home through the countryside. Magical!

[Organised by: Ben & Hayley – Location: Toowoomba]

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