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The Chevrolet Corvette is a fabulous Sports Car with a history and mystique like no other. It is truly fitting that enthusiasts can be part of a club where they can have a united voice in the promotion of this great Marque.

The Corvettes Down-Under Car Club Inc. was founded by a dedicated group of Brisbane based enthusiasts who are devoted to fostering and promoting the “Corvette” Marque in Australia and especially here in Queensland while embracing good wholesome values and traditions to help nurture the growth of a “Family” atmosphere within a club environment. Members will experience the enjoyment of driving and showing their Corvettes in well run and managed club activities and events. The CDUCC is committed to upholding and complying with all applicable Australian and Queensland Laws in order to help establish a high profile community image for the association and its members. The Corvettes Down-Under Car Club Inc.’s administration has been structured in a way where any member’s suggestions, issues or concerns will always be acknowledged and addressed without delay.

For this reason the CDUCC will justifiably and affectionately be known as “The Members Club”