The Phoenix Project C3

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Restoration started 15th May 2009 - Finished 1st September 2012

Engine Started for the first time 11th November 2011 View Video [ Download here ]

Stage 1 photos #    1 -   20 The challenge to restore 1968 - C3

Stage 2 photos #  21 -   32 The Phoenix has landing gear

Stage 3 photos #  33 -   44 The Phoenix sheds her dowdy feathers

Stage 4 photos #  45 -   61  The Phoenix patch up

Stage 5 photos #  62 -   75 The Phoenix' heart (engine rebuild)

Stage 6 photos #  76 -   87 The Phoenix has a new heart (engine)

Stage 7 photos #  88 -   97 The Phoenix is back

Stage 8 photos #  98 - 139 The Phoenix takes colour

Stage 9 photos # 140- 152 The Phoenix is finished

Stage 1
Photo 1 Photo 2
 The 68 - C3 as first found  Some minor damage
Photo 3 Photo 4
Totally stripped. The bits.
Photo 5 Photo 6
Bits. More bits.
Photo 7 Photo 8
I think there's a corvette here somewhere. The bits continue.
Photo 9 Photo 10
Coming to the end. I think it's all here.
Photo 11 Photo 12
The deal is done and assembly begins. Motor & trans installed. It's not easy assembling a Corvette on your own.
Photo 13 Photo 14
The running gear is installed. Wheels going on.
Photo 15 Photo 16
Starting to look like a corvette. Sees daylight for first time in almost two years.
Photo 17 Photo 18
Getting close to heading for Queensland. We hit the road at last.
Photo 19 Photo 20
Hope it's tied down OK for 1500 kilometers trip. Arrives in Brisbane intact.
Stage 2
Photo 21 Photo 22
The Vette is completely dismantled again, Vette shares space with '69 Mustang.
Photo 23 Photo 24
Chassis cleaned and powder coated. New urethane bushes throughout suspension.
Photo 25 Photo 26
Fronts springs reset 1" lower Brake calipers stainless steel sleeved and new "O" ring pistons fitted.
Photo 27 Photo 28
Getting there. Steering gear back in place.
Photo 29 Photo 30
Rear end rebuilt with new bushes and universal joints. Rear calipers same as front ones.
Photo 31 Photo 32
All looking good. The phoenix is ready for its landing gear, i.e. wheels..
Stage 3
Photo 33 Photo 34
Body ready for transfer to body dolly. Much easier to handle this way.
Photo 34 Photo 35
The strip begins. The windscreen frame stripped and primed.
Photo 37 Photo 38
Hood cover first coat strip. Doors down to bare fibreglass (almost).
Front guards first coat strip. Rear clip down to bare fibreglass.
Front clip showing damage around LH headlight. Ten litres of stripper, enough sand paper to cover a house and gallons of sweat later.
 Phoenix sheds it's dowdy feathers. Wonder what will fit through this hole in the bonnet?
Stage 4
Photo 45 Photo 46
The damaged front clip The broken front clip reinforcement  is epoxy cemented
The section is now fibreglass repaired A layer of filler before final sanding
Turned out pretty good Minor stress cracks are reinforced and repaired
Rear clip damage prior to repairing with fibreglass Rear clip damage reinforced from inside
Rear clip repair ready for final sanding Rear wheel arch missing a section
Missing piece epoxy cemented back in place Wheel arch repaired and filled ready for sanding
Front guard lower section rebuilt Rear bumper mounting point reinforced
Photo 59 Photo 60
Firewall ready for painting Checking stable mates panels for fit on custom built sub-frame.
Photo 61
Phoenix shows off its new underwear (undercoat).
Stage 5
The bits arrive Old heart suffered Cardiac Arrest
Block rebored and decked to suit 350 crank. New high compression flat top pistons
New Scat 350ci steel crank Fully balanced bottom end held together by ARP studs.
Compcam's "dog bone" timing gear. dialing in camshaft
Compcams' "bee hive" valve springs replace dual springs CNC'd 65cc combustion chambers in "AFR" alloy heads
AFR pushrod guide plates Compcams' full roller rockers
Checking valve to piston clearance. ARP head studs
beginning to look like a motor with Compcam's full roller rockers and lifters.
plumbing required to gain enough vacuum from race inlet manifold B&M 3000rpm stall torque converter beside original converter
Stage 6
handmade accelerator bracket. handmade fuel pressure regulator support.
close up of accelerator linkage support bracket. Vacuum take-off for power brakes and other vacuum controlled devices.
AN alloy fuel fittings and braided stainless steel fuel lines. Quad 48 IDA Weber carburetors. Should fill that hole in the bonnet.
Chrome Hooker headers, polished alloy spark plug lead holders, chrome alternator, Barry Grant fuel pressure gauge, polished alloy rocker covers Front of engine showing chrome belt pulleys etc.
Starting to look like an engine should.
Stage 7
Well here we are again. Had to walk away from the project after a disc in my back literally herniated in a couple of places. Nine months, an artificial disc and three fused vertebra I am back on the job. While I had the feet up decided to occupy the mind by building a miniature Phoenix.
step 1. remove body from chassis. cut hole in hood for weber carbs.
naturally the under carriage must match. hand made weber carburetors.
fit body and side pipes. Back to the real deal.
radiator and support mounted. instruments jury rigged for initial  start up.
Mallory competition ignition system with billet pro comp full electronic distributor.
Stage 8
4 tube big block radiator Getting close to start up
Gauges jury rigged for initial start up. 80psi on prime.
  Engine bay in red primer, prior to colour.
Hand mixed maroon pearl paint. The hard work begins, rubbing back.
The Phoenix's former resto mate nearing completion. Note reflective stripe.
Body being refitted to chassis.
trial fit of brake booster and master cylinder. trial fit of bonnet (hood).
Ready for paint shop.
Scoop looks like it was factory fitted.. Phoenix visits beauty salon for make over
Gray primer Red base coat primer
Red base coat Clear coat
Carpet installed & the can of worms begins to resemble a dash
Side pipes trial fit, looking good!
Stage 9
The unveiling Oh yeah.
Cutest rear end in existence 'nuf said
How sweet it is.
Dale's artwork in all its Glory.
The under hood statement.
Worth the Wait - 1st September 2012

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