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Back in the late '60's was my first introduction to a "Corvette". I was a member of the Canberra Sports Car Club and I clearly remember having the pants beaten off us in our Monaro 327's & GT Falcons by this 'Wild Mid-year Corvette" at local hill climbs & sprints. I was still in my trade apprenticeship and owning a new '68 327 Bathurst Monaro kept my wallet open and empty so a "Corvette" was only a dream. While visiting the Sydney International Motor Show my eyes were attracted to a brand new '69 big block Corvette still LHD and waiting my inspection [or should I say drooling]. I knew then, one-day I would own a "Corvette". The only way that I could own a near new "Corvette" was to go over to North America. The opportunity came up to immigrate so the Monaro was sold and in January '71 then a mate and I were of to Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Australian Customs required us to own and operate any purchased vehicle for fifteen months before it could be imported duty free into Australia. This suited us as we intended working and getting about anyhow. During our first summer "Corvettes" were on our shopping lists. I purchased a '70 Donnybrooke Green 350/350 hp 4 speed followed by my mate with a '70 Daytona Yellow LT1. Naturally owning Corvette's we were attracted to other Corvette owners, so membership with the "British Columbia Corvette Club" in Vancouver was a must. We used our Corvettes summer & winter much to the disgust of the locals who locked theirs away for the cold, wet and snowy winters. Returning to Australia began to lose some of it's importance as I had met and married "The Lovely One" [Bev]. We had many great trips down to the states in the Corvette and some memorable runs with the BC Corvette Club, but the day eventually came some three years later when Bev & I ended up back in Australia with the Corvette. I had the '70 converted to RHD in Sydney and drove it about Southern NSW for a few years before selling to a dealer in Sydney after a slight altercation with the local sergeant of police's prize bull! [But that's another story]. After two additions to our family and some years later saw us move to the "Sunshine State". A Black '87 Corvette Coupe somehow found its way into my life [yes but Bev's still #1]. Once again Corvette owners attract each other and I met Rob McAllister who at the time was president of what is now known as the Corvettes Down Under Car Club. We all know the rest is now history and once again we are involved with some fantastic people and one of the greatest cars in the world. Funny how history repeats it's self, even in the Corvette family no matter what country! That's my "Corvette" story