<<<< May in Hervey Bay >>>>

Many thanks to Des, Allison, Jeff & Carmel for this great week-end, which will always be remembered.
Des said "What happens in Hervey Bay stays in Hervey Bay" However, here are a few sparks to start
I can't tell you what these are soking in........... Because!  What happens in Hervey Bay stays in Hervey Bay
I refuse to tell you what was going on here - come next year and find out
Would you pay $5,000,000 for this property?
Here come the Corvettes
Now the planes - Many people took the opportunity & went for a ride
OK - time for more cars
Why does Sandra look so happy after a night out in Hervery Bay?  
Two of our club members won these fantastic models made using wood
"P" stands for Patient in bed "P" stands for Pink
"P"  stand for Pot - well done Joe "P" stands for Petrol Pump + Patient because she drank the petrol
"P" stands for Pencils
"P" stands for Parade of "P" People
"P" Stands for Poor People
"P" stands for Poor wind directional flag First PrizeWinners "P" stands for Pinocchio