Breakfast Run To Hoya Garden Plaza


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We all found our new meeting place (Shell Servo) to be a lot better than the Gateway truck stop allowing people to grab a coffee or cold drink before departing.  Leaving the Servo was also a lot easier and safer than trying to merge into 100km per hr traffic


There was a good turn up which consisted of 11 corvettes 1 x C6, 3 x C5’s, 4 x C4’s and 3 x C3’s. The convoy of shiny vette’s certainly turned head’s during the15 minute leisurely drive to our destination at the Hoya Garden Plaza where we were greeted with a smile and hand shake from staff member Steven. We made our way through the gift shop to the café area where we were greeted by owner’s Andrew and Stacey, they even had a welcome Corvettes Down Under sign complete with club logo which was a pleasant surprise.


With nineteen hungry vetter’s waiting it didn’t take long for the food to start coming out. The Prez was happy, as he was one of the first to get breakfast this time. The food and service was excellent, my thanks go out to Chef Adele and all the staff at Hoya Garden Plaza Café. GREAT FOOD AND EVEN BETTER COMPANY.


No surprise the only person to walk out of the gift shop with something was Vicky. Well I suppose that’s what I get for taking my wife to a café that has a gift shop attached.


After breakfast everybody came back to our place for coffee and cold drink’s. As everybody was still full from breakfast the mud cake and biscuit’s hardly were touched. Because there was a majority of member’s present that are going to the Canberra Convention it was a good time to finalize some of the trip detail’s.


Vicky and I would like to thank all those people who attended as it makes it all worthwhile when you organize a run and it is well patronized.


Happy Vetteing until next time Vicky & Bob